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Essential Oils and their Benefits

You probably have heard about essential oils before and may be wondering, “so what’s the big deal?” Essential oils are compounds extracted from different parts of a plant and are commonly used in aromatherapy which is another form of medicine that increases health and one’s well-being.

Essential oils are achieved through distillation, either by steam and/or water. These oils contain the characteristics and the “essence” of the very plant they were extracted from: the smell, the flavor, etc. After the oil has been extracted from the plant, it is mixed with a carrier oil to dilute it and make it safe for our use- this stuff is super potent.

At In Bloom Homestead, we strictly use essential oils in all of our soaps and massage oils. We strongly believe that what one applies to their skin will determine their skin’s health and their overall well-being. This is why we are proud to offer our customers products that contain naturally-fragrant essential oils consisting of many amazing healing properties.

So why the big deal? Because we care about your skin.

Want to know all the different healing properties and benefits of Essential Oils? Keep on reading!

A-Z Essential Oils Benefits List

Bergamot: has a sweet, tart, citrus scent. Helps soothe anxiety, supports healthy digestive system, and support healthy respiratory system. This E.O. is great for oily and blemish-prone skin.

Cedarwood, Texas Cedarwood: has a woody, earthy smell. Calms anxiety and enhances concentration. Also helps combat oily and dry skin, soothe inflammation, and improve skin tone.

Citronella: has a fresh, grassy, lemony smell. Most commonly used to ward off bugs and insects. It is said to calm and ease headaches. Helps heal dermatitis and eczema, and treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. 

Clove: has a warm and spicy smell. Supports healthy respiratory and digestive system. Helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lines- it is a powerful anti-aging ingredient in many cosmetics and body products. 

Eucalyptus: has a sharp and bitter smell. Supports healthy immune system, relieves sinus pressure, and reduces headaches. Helps increase circulation and relieves sore muscles. 

Fir Needle: has a pleasantly clean, balsamic-woody smell. Energizing and is said to reduce anxiety. Helps soothe sore muscles.

Geranium: has a sweet, fresh, floral scent similar to that of a rose. Helps balance skin tone, soothe inflammation, calm anxiety, and enhance concentration.

Grapefruit: has a fresh, sweet, citrus smell. Consists of uplifting properties that increase cheerfulness and help with mental exhaustion. This E.O. is actually a natural astrigin and helps improve skin tone, elasticity, and combat oily skin. Good for muscle fatigue. 

Jasmine: has a rich, warm, exotic-floral smell. Moisturizes and soothes dry, irritated, and sensitive skin. 

Juniper Berry: has a fresh, sweet, woody-balsamic fragrance. Contains detoxing and natural astrigin factors that help with skin tone and inflammation. Great for oily skin and supports healthy muscles and joints. 

Lavender: has a light, sweet, floral scent. A great first-aid essential oil; can be used for minor wounds such as bruises, burns, cuts, sunburns, and bug-bites. Has anti-inflammatory properties and helps rejuvenate skin, soothe irritated, and relax the body. 

Lemon, Lemon Peel: has a light, fresh-citrus smell. Contains natural astringent properties- can be used as a skin toner, help balance oily skin, and brighten skin.

Lemongrass: has a strong, fresh, grass-citrus scent. Increases circulation and is a natural astrigin; acts as a skin and muscle toner and reduces muscular pain. Helps boost the immune system and repels bugs and insects.

Litsea Cubeba: has a spicy, fresh, citrus fragrance. This E.O. is antibacterial, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps clean pores, and aids in treating acne and eczema. A natural deodorant that helps reduce body odor. 

Mint, Peppermint: has a strong, minty, grass smell. Acts as an energy booster; increases focus and mental clarity. Said to relieve headaches. Helps nourish dry skin.

Orange, Orange Valencia: has a fresh, sweet, fruity fragrance. Helps boost mental clarity and helps fight fatigue. Improves dull or oily skin, tones skin, and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Patchouli: has a deep, rich, earthy smell. Moisturizes dry and cracked skin, regulates oil and  blemish prone skin. Helps keep skin looking healthy, young and vibrant.

Rose: has a rich, floral smell. Helps relieve stress, and is great for dry, mature, or sensitive skin. Reduces the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

Rosemary: has a strong, fresh, herbaceous smell. Often used in hair products that relieve dryness and flakiness. Also promotes hair growth. This E.O. moisturizes skin and reduces irritation and excess oil production. Helps sooth muscles. 

Spearmint: has a sweet, minty, fresh scent. Great for its cooling factor. Helps with headaches, colds and congestion. This E.O. is more gentle than peppermint, making it suitable for children. 

Strawberry: has a sweet, fruity smell. Ideal for dry skin; moisturizes and smoothes skin.

Tangerine: has a sweet, floral-citrus smell. Said to aid sleep. Contains detoxifying properties- removes toxins and excess fluids from skin. Boosts immune system and maintains oil balance in skin. 

Tea Tree: has a spicy, fresh, camphor smell. Commonly used to prevent infection and speed up the healing process of minor scrapes, burns and rashes. Helps clean pores and regulates oil production. A great immune system booster.

Ylang-Ylang: has an exotically-sweet, floral scent. Aids in regulating sebum production and helps with irritated or oily skin. 

Which Essential Oil do you love best? Comment Bellow!

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