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Blooming Gardens Flower Stand

Discover Fresh Bouquets at Blooming Gardens’ Roadside Flower Stand in Blaine, WA. Hand-picked blooms and vibrant arrangements await. Visit us today!

Blooming Gardens invites you to experience our delightful roadside flower stand. We proudly cultivate a variety of fresh seasonal blooms, each carefully selected and thoughtfully arranged for all your special moments. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply want to brighten someone’s day, our honor system allows you to choose your blooms and conveniently pay with cash, Venmo, or Cash App. Discover the joy of locally grown flowers and visit us today!

Why Roadside Flower Stands

Why Opt for Local Flower Stands?

Discover the vibrant variety of locally grown seasonal flowers at our roadside flower stand, offering superior freshness and quality directly from our seasonal blooming gardens. Support local growers while finding unique arrangements not typically available at grocery stores or traditional florists.

Freshness & Quality

Roadside flower stands source their blooms locally and directly from the grower, ensuring fresher and longer-lasting flowers compared to those shipped to florists or grocery stores.

Seasonal Variety

We offer a wider range of seasonal flowers that reflect the local climate and current growing conditions, providing unique options not always available in florists or grocery stores.

Supporting Local Growers

By purchasing from a roadside flower stand, you directly support local growers and our sustainable farming practices, contributing to the local economy and reducing carbon footprint associated with transportation.


Flowers sold at roadside stands are more affordable than those at florists or grocery stores, as there are fewer overhead costs involved in the direct-to-consumer model.


Roadside flower stands offer a quick and convenient shopping experience, where you can easily grab a beautifully arranged bouquet or bunch of fresh flowers on the go.

Community Connection

Roadside flower stands nurture a community spirit by promoting engagement among neighbors who actively support the growth of locally sourced blooms and contribute to their continued development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions

We offer a variety of seasonal flowers depending on the time of year. Common options include sunflowers, tulips, roses, peonies, and many unique blooms not typically found at your local grocery store.

We accept cash as well as digital payments: Venmo or Cash App. 

Yes, all our flowers are grown on-site.