About Us

In Bloom Homestead began with our beautiful mother and her gifted hands.

She enjoyed flowers, caring for the garden and creating things with her own hands. She loved handcrafting soap for family and friends and even more so, enjoyed sharing her creations with others.

It is because of our mother that we have found our love for florals and crafting beautiful handmade items. Not only does she homeschool her children but her love for beautiful, natural things have also inspired our whole family to open up a small honor stand so that we can share our cut flowers and products with our local community.

Over the last 4 years, we have received more and more buyers and lots of positive feedback from the community. Because of the encouragement from our community, we have now decided to slightly expand our small family-owned business and provide our products to others through our online website.

Our hope is to serve our wonderful community as best as we can with integrity as we share with them our natural and beautiful products. We hope you will enjoy our soaps, candles, flower bouquets and other items that have each, individually, been grown and made, with love.

Our Team

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Florist & Candle Maker
This is March. She is the one behind the social media and tech stuff. She is a wife and a mother of two girls and loves doing this small business with her sister and mother because she thinks it brings them closer together even more. She is also the wedding florist and candle maker at In Bloom.

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Gardener & Soap Maker
This is our gorgeous mother Natalya who is the one who inspired us to start this business! She is the gardener and soap maker at In Bloom Homestead. She is a wife, a mother of 7 children and a grandmother of 2 grandchildren. She homeschools her 4 younger children and somehow still finds time to manage and take care of her 3 acre garden! She is totally a Supermom!



Florist & Card Maker
This is Ema. She is the one who arranges those beautiful bouquets at our flower stand and one of the florists. She loves animals, video production, medicine and floristry. She will be starting running start this fall to get a transfer degree so her income making bouquets will be going towards her college! 

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