Handcrafted Soap

Handcrafted Soap

Our soap is made with a natural oil-base compound that has previously been infused for a couple of months with dried florals from our very own garden.

We are proud to offer our customers soap that is scented only with natural essential oils that are chosen to harmonize well together for their smell and healing factors, not chemical fragrances that can be irritating to the skin.

After the soap has been cut by hand into individual 4oz pieces, each one is left to cure for six weeks. This important process ensures the viability of the product and betters the smell!

These soaps can be used as a hand-bar soap, a body soap, and a face soap. All the goodness in one bar! We promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed and hope to bless our local community with soaps that they can love and use on a daily bases without worry of harsh chemicals!

*Please note that soap appearance may vary slightly because handcrafted soap doesn’t follow rules. It isn’t common that soap with the same ingredients will come out looking the same twice. The slight variation of room temperature, humidity, product brand will cause the alteration in the appearance of soap. But this is why soap making is so exciting!

Soap Make Great Wedding Favors

Each soap is individually handcrafted, packaged, and labeled for your special day

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