Homemade Bath Bombs


Breathe in deep and just relax. Enjoy a great bath bomb after a hard day of work or just because. Above all, BREATHE bath bomb is great for stuffy noses and colds!


Enjoy the rich and homey smell of coffee as you relax in a warm bath. This lovely bath bomb is made on coffee bean oil. What is coffee bean oil? It is oil extracted from pressed coffee beans. Coffee bean oil has amazing benefits for the skin: soothes inflammation, eczema and even bug bites!


Had a stressful day? Enjoy a fruity aroma of oranges and bergamot as you bathe in bachelor button flower petals. The Sweet Orange Essential Oil helps calm and rejuvenate the mind and body. Also includes Himalayan Salt to replenish and recharge your body.


What better way to finish off your day than with a lovely lavender warm bath? Then, finally, laying down after a long day on a soft pillow to rest. This bath bomb includes activated charcoal which is good for combating acne, soothing eczema, and bug bites.
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